The TMTI Foundation is a new trust created by The Musical Theatre Institute.


The true cost of talented young people auditioning around the UK and especially in London, can be insurmountable to those with no real means to support themselves. On top of the audition fee, students will often travel the night before to stay over in order to make the early audition calls. In all, 4-5 auditions in the new year can cost in excess of £1500.


The TMTI Foundation will exist for students to apply to for financial assistance in achieving their dreams without the lack of money hindering them. Far too many talented young people don’t even attempt to audition or train properly owing to the process being unaffordable.


Birmingham born actor Adrian Lester, OBE said:

"This is an inspiring and much needed initiative.The survival of our culture depends upon young people being able to access and practice many different art forms. If we allow costs to put off whole sections of our society, then the arts will slowly become irrelevant. Practiced by and appealing to a narrower and narrower section of our society.”

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