What We Do

Professional Training & Guidance

At TMTI you can fully expect to be pushed to - and beyond - your limits as a performer. 

Up-to-date technique and the best industry teachers combine to give TMTI a unique advantage over other groups that may focus on confidence.

Our hands-on patrons include Cleve September (Hamilton), Lauren Samuels, Kieran Brown and we have enjoyed workshops from Louise Dearman to Jonathan Reid Gealt.

At TMTI, you are training to become a professional performer.

Professional Experience

We pride ourselves on working with teachers who are currently working in the industry (like The MTA) and so our students often find themselves gaining professional experiences in their chosen field. These include:

BBC Songs of Praise

Josh Groban UK Tour 2015/16

London Palladium with Russell Watson

Russell Watson UK Tours 2017/18/19

The Greatest Showtunes 2019

The National Trust

Aston Villa FC

Professional Productions

We pride ourselves on not rushing into popularist productions but instead choose to challenge what is normally expected of 'youth theatre'.

Reviews for


“... a walk in the park... A great contemporary take on a classic production, showcasing extremely impressive local talent” 
Jenny Ell, Broadway World UK

"This cast are, quite simply, breathtaking. This production of Superstar breathes new life into a behemoth of a show, a feat which could only be accomplished by a talent pool like BITA."
Dan Richards, Black Country Radio

“...last night was breathtaking... The use of a live band was the final flourish to this outstanding piece of musical theatre and the standing ovation came as no surprise.”


“There is only so much that one can cram into a review and it isn't possible to mention everybody by name but, this is undoubtedly a team  effort including a supremely talented ensemble cast, a dedicated and hard working creative team and a band that almost lift the stage up with the cast on it.”

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